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Matilda classes are fun and friendly. Mixed ages from 0-4 years. families are very welcome. It’s perfectly suited to all ages, each progressing when they are ready.

Rhythm work, singing, playing ukulele, percussion. Parachutes play, puppets and bubbles. This is followed by half an hour free play with a variety of instruments whilst the big people have a chat over coffee (or play with the instruments too!)

Croc classes are for ages 3+ Perfect if your child is ready for something more challenging!

We build further on solfège (do re mi) learning to use there voice as an instrument, play simple ukulele chords and learn more about musical notes and directions. This is all presented via games, movement and an exciting array of instruments, light tables, musical puzzles and fun worksheets to take home.


Owly classes are for babies up to 6 months.  Perfect for your first child or special time with your newest family member. It’s a gentle yet sensory-rich yet  environment. The musical activities will develop and strengthen your baby’s neural pathways, enhance your growing parent-child bond, and help you understand the how’s and why’s of your baby’s development.